Bett Show | ExCeL London, 24-27 January 2018 - LEARNERVERSE SUCCESS STORY
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24 -27 JANUARY 2018

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"200+ leads at Bett 2016 accelerates UK and international sales growth.”

Russ Kavanah
CEO | LearnerVerse


In 2014, a group of educators came together to create an accessible online learning platform, an ‘Education Sat Nav’, to aid students aged between 11-19 in the choices they are asked to make at school about their future career paths. LearnerVerse was created to give young people all the information and material they need to help them make the decision for themselves.

Lessons, assessment, resources, time lines, e-portfolios and a full range of support is available at the touch of a button. LearnerVerse gives student a home school environment where they can access information at any time and really understand the academic and career pathways and opportunities they have.

After strong local success, LearnerVerse was looking to rapidly grow the business and needed a platform that would create new sales opportunities in the UK and international education markets.


Identify a cost-effective way to build the sales pipeline in the UK and international markets.


Exhibiting for the first time in 2015, LearnerVerse was one of 30 new start-ups to be featured in Bett Futures, a purpose built ‘home’ for the world’s most inspiring Ed-tech start-ups. This exclusive opportunity involved enhanced promotion and marketing and generate significant interest and leads.

Attending Bett 2016 was a logical move and the company is still benefiting from being part of the 3-year growth scheme with Bett Futures. Working with the Bett team, LearnerVerse promoted their presence at the show on social media and via email to all their client and prospect database and placed advertisements in the Bett Guide.

Russ Kavanah

"Bett HAS been really important to us. It’s enabled us to meet people we wouldn’t otherwise have been able to get to see. Here we can talk to companies like Microsoft and Google, whereas from our base in Liverpool we would not get that opportunity”

Russ Kavanah

“The interest we’ve had has been phenomenal in terms of being able to follow it up and form important relationships and there is no way we could have moved to where we are now without accessing Bett last year and this year.”

Learnverse Case Study

Learnverse Case Study

“To any company thinking of coming to Bett I would say, get involved. You won’t regret it and Bett will make a positive difference to your business.”


Bett was the right launch platform for LearnerVerse and the show continues to be critical to the successful growth of the business.

Increase visibility

  • Unique opportunity to promote to a highly targeted audience
  • Be seen as part of the innovative tech start-ups community at Bett

Build new relationships

  • Meet key decision-makers from the UK and international markets
  • Develop contacts in schools and with distributors and resellers
  • Immediate feedback helps refine the product offering

Promote company image

  • Demonstrate understanding of the challenges teachers faceDemonstrate understanding of the challenges young people face
  • Enhance corporate reputation as a reliable partner



  • > 200+ leads generated
  • > Identified new distributors in South-East Asia and North America
  • > Strong sales performance
  • > Increased brand awareness


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Exhibiting at Bett

Exhibiting at Bett 2017

Bett is the first industry show of the year, attended by 34,530 educators and decision makers from 138 countries, it’s a cost effective way to maximise your business growth and build that coveted pipeline of qualified leads.

Exhibiting at Bett

Who attends Bett

Who attends Bett Show visitors

Educators that attend Bett every year travel from far and wide to source the latest, most innovative technology, learn from leaders in the field, share experience with their peers and become more relevant in education.

Who attends Bett

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“Our stand in the Trade@Bett area was in a great location to enable us to meet resellers and distributors as well as end users. We also found Trade@Bett’s Networking Hub useful, where we could have meetings with potential new partners.”

Fernando Vargas


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