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24 -27 JANUARY 2018

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Game changers

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In our words, a game changer is…

'an individual, event or product which results in a significant shift in how people behave or what's possible.'


This may sound like a huge deal, which it is. However, there’s no reason it couldn’t apply to you. With seminars, product showcases and demos from our own education industry’s game changers (combined with your own passion and can-do attitude) Bett will set you up to make your mark.

History is full of game changing moments, driven by game changing people

In the lead up to Bett, we’ll be delving into the detail of game changers from way way back, right up to today. So keep checking in! Let’s start with someone highly fitting with the nature of Bett…

Game Changer


Marie Curie

Game changer 4

Pioneer in physics

Coming from humble beginnings, the opportunity to study for a degree in physics was nothing more than a distant dream for Marie Curie. That is until (cue sister-who-paid-her-way-through-university to the rescue), she grabbed the opportunity (quicker than you can say molecule) to move to Paris to study physics and mathematics - and thus began her pioneering work in the field of radioactivity. Discovering two previously unknown elements polonium and radium, she went on to change the course of medical treatments through x-ray therapy. And being the first woman to win two Nobel Prizes, she brought a pretty big chunk of scientific knowledge into our world.


Charles Babbage

Game changer #1


Father of the computer

Yes, there was a time when the concept of a computer was just a twinkle in Charles Babbage’s eye. During this time, mathematical tables were calculated by hand *shudder*. Charles Babbage studied mathematics, lectured in mathematics.

Charles Babbage

Emmeline Pankhurst

Game changer #2

Emmeline Pankhurst

Trailblazer for women’s rights

Did you know, there was a time when a woman’s voice was null and void (a woman? voting? Perish the thought!). Emmeline Pankhurst was just a teenager when she saw the possibility that life could be different, that there must be another way. 

Emmeline Pankhurst

Louis Braille

Game changer #3

Louis Braille Game Changer Bett Show

Revolutionised literacy for the visually impaired

At the age of 12 Louis Braille started his journey to become a visionary. Blinded by an early childhood accident, he was determined to invent a system of reading and writing that bridged the gap in communication.

Louis Braille

Who do you think deserves the ‘game changer’ title?

We have a list in mind, but it’s by no means extensive. There are a ton of people who have made, or are making a real difference and chances are, many members of our Bett community are spearheading change.

Whether it’s a famous figure, someone you’ve heard from in training, a colleague, a friend or even yourself, we want to know all about who we should be celebrating and why.

Nominate your game changer Bett show

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