Bett Show | ExCeL London, 24-27 January 2018 - Bett and TES Leadership Hackathon


24 -27 JANUARY 2018

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Bett and TES Leadership Hackathon

Bett Leadership Hackaton - Ewan Mcintosh

Sometimes you need to find the haystack before you can find the needle

Too often, we work really hard, but on the wrong problems. Problem-finding is not only a core 21st century skill for our students, but it is also a vital practice for leadership to learn and put into practice.

At the end of 90 minutes in this Hackathon Sprint, you’ll walk away with a concrete, exciting and inspirational challenge that you can undertake back at school.

Most leaders are great at problem-solving, or empowering teams around them to solve them. But how many times have you felt frustrated as a team plough their efforts into something that is clearly not solving the symptoms you thought came from that problem?

Finding the right problem to solve is a skill, and we’ll share some of those key strategies that unearth the real challenge behind your current frustrations.

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From daft ideas come brilliant solutions

What’s your biggest headache as a school leader? What if you could develop one inspirational idea that gets your school community involved in resolving it? What if you could create that idea, and dozens more, in fewer than 90 minutes? That’s what we promise in this 90 minute Hackathon Sprint. Ideation is a key element of the NoTosh Design Thinking process – quite simply, coming up with lots of great ideas in an environment where the only thing that’s limited is the time you can take. The second part of ideation is working out how to hone down from hundreds of ideas to the ingenious cores worth keeping.

This session gives you the freedom to be exploratory, imaginative and creative with no negative judgment – ideas are developed and recorded but not, at the early stage, discussed. As a result, participants are working in a safe and open environment where their ideas are treated with respect and this, in turn, fosters more open and creative thinking. And that is where the magic will happen.

Is your strategy not quite happening in practice? Stop piloting. Start prototyping

Sometimes an idea that’s been built, tried and tested in pilot mode still fails in the real world. To avoid that happening, move from piloting ideas to prototyping. In this session you will build up an existing idea (or create a new one with us) to solve a real headache that you have, from a simple lightbulb moment in your head to a series of tangible, working prototypes. You’ll get feedback from other leaders and teachers, and learn how to speed up the pace of innovation in your school.

The process should reveal obstacles that would otherwise have gone unnoticed, allowing you to adapt and change ideas for the better.

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Take a seat in class for a change and hear from the people who are grabbing new opportunities and running with them. Whichever area you’re involved in, we have a theatre for you.

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