Bett Show | ExCeL London, 24-27 January 2018 - Bett Keynote: Abdul Chohan


24 -27 JANUARY 2018

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Bett Keynote: Abdul Chohan

Abdul Chohan Bett keynote

Early adopter of Apple technology in the classroom

Abdul Chohan, of Essa Academy will discuss how their transformational redesign of learning with Apple technology has been essential for the success of every student and wider community. As an early adopter of Apple technology in the classroom, Abdul will explore how teachers and students are independently discovering new ways of learning to ensure they are prepared for the future of tomorrow.

In 2011, his work at Essa Academy won the award under the ‘Outstanding ICT Learning Initiative’ by the The Times Education Awards of 2011

The BBC’s Technology correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones’s interview with Abdul  provides a deep insight into the learning approaches that have been implemented.

Through ThinkSimple Ltd Abdul provides strategy for leadership teams across the globe in order to ensure that a successful family based learning programme with iPads is achieved. The impact of this is on Leadership and organisation has led the way in its development of learning technologies, with a 1:1 family iPad programme and AppleTVs as a learning solution that allows the use of 21st century learning resources and streamlined productivity in an educational setting, yet accessible from anywhere.

He endorses equipping staff and students with tablet devices that allow for a range of benefits from cost efficiencies to expanding data and knowledge access. It also allows for a radical change in approach to space in mind: moving away from traditional offices to create more fluid areas that maximise the capabilities of new technologies to minimise the need for fixed location working.

Abdul has engaged with a number of Ministries of Education including India, Australia, Singapore and Iceland in a range of activities including workshops and thought leadership conversations. Abdul currently supports schools in Denmark, Sweden and India with the development of a clear mobile based learning strategy.

Abdul Chohan will be giving his keynote on Wednesday 25th January at 10.40 - 11.15 in the Bett Arena.

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